TBC-32A HRC Bolt Fuse

TBC-32A HRC Bolt Fuse


The HRC Series Bolt type protection fuse rated current from 32A ~800A. Rated voltage up to AC 550V. High quality meet IEC60269-2 and BS88-2 standard
Category: Fuse
products name : TBC-50A Bolt Fuse
Material: Ceramic
rated voltage: AC550V
rated frequency: 50/60HZ
TBC-32A HRC Bolt Fuse TBC-32A HRC Bolt Fuse

IEC Standard Bolt Protection TBC-32A HRC Ceramic Fuse Link 


General :

Type “N” & “T” fuse-links are for use in industrial installations and can be fitted into BS88 bolted fuse-holders and distribution fusegear.

The range includes all BS88:Part 2 reference fuse-links up to 800 Amps and has gG classification. Many non-reference tag variants are available to cater for installation in non-standard or specialised equipment.

The range has a rated voltage of 415V a.c. The range also has a rating of 250V d.c. A complementary range of solid/neutral links is available to suit our fuse-link range.

Ampere Rating: 2A,4A,6A,10A,16A,20A,25A,32A

Voltage Rating:  240VAC ,415V,550V

Breaking capacity80kA.



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TBC-32A Bolt fuse

Bolt fuse 32a HRC Fuse

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